Tenants and Residents Association Self Management

MSC worked with a tenants and residents association that wanted more control of the services in the neighbourhood where they live. Some of the residents on the committee had lived in the same social housing for nearly fifty years.

It took a year and a half to investigate, plan, negotiate and transfer a significant portion of the neighbourhood services from the Housing Association landlord to the tenants:

  • Advantage analysis – ‘what you want, why you want it and what you don’t want’ sessions;
  • Outlined managerial options, with appropriate guidance;
  • Mediation with the managing housing association;
  • 18 month process from exploration to activation;
  • Full committee approval at every step;
  • Assumed management of four services – Caretaking, Minor Repairs, Grounds Maintenance and CCTV, under the government “Community Cashback” arrangement;
  • Year one brought savings of over £15,000;
  • Tenants’ annual service charges went down for the first time;
  • Service levels improved;
  • Savings were invested directly back into improving the community’s shared environment;
  • Improving tenant engagement has increased social cohesion and reduced isolation;
  • Tenants procuring services such as Grounds Maintenance placed a strong emphasis on tenant involvement;
  • Year on year now, tenants are using the considerable cost savings to invest as they choose to in their surroundings.

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