Manchester Sustainable Communities (MSC)

Manchester Sustainable Communities provide not for profit organisations with support, guidance and solutions that work.

Whether that’s at the formation stage, when making the move from being a casual association of friends to a constituted organisation or when expanding capacity; MSC can help you. Examples of work we’ve done in the past can be found here.

MSC help businesses to engage with communities too. If you’re a business with a healthy appetite for social responsibility you may want to establish connections with the residential or not for profit communities around you or find ways that you can connect with and support them. MSC will help you do that.

Manchester Sustainable Communities is proud to be a Social Enterprise

MSC work with not for profit groups at a reduced rate.
Also, to keep your costs down to an absolute minimum, we will not pass the VAT threshold. This ensures we can deliver services to you at the lowest possible price.

This website is still under construction.